A Geneological Project on Heinrich Korte
Born 1838? -- Death January 5, 1889

by Alvin O. Korte

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Purpose of Website

   During the 19 Century many Germans emmigrated to the United States.   Many found their way into the Southwest.   One immigrant was named Heinrich Korte.   He arrived in Mora County, Territory of New Mexico about 1857.    Here he made his living as a rancher, farmer and merchandizer.   He came to be known as Henry Korte in Territorial New Mexico.    He was my great grandfather.

Picture 1. Morphy Lake in Mora County: NOTE: Click on the picture to enlarge.
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Morphy Lake in Mora County

  It is the purpose of this website to provide information to visitors in both the United States and in Germany about this man. It is hoped that visitors to the site both this country and in Germany may provide additional information. It would even be most fortuitous if contacts could be made between people in these countries. The information provided is open to any user who might be interested in contributing information on this man or his 19th century relatives. We do no know from which province of Gemany he emmigrated. We are certain he was in Mora County, New Mexico arriving between 1854 and 1857. Familylore states that he was very young probably around twenty when he left the Germany of that time. We do know that for many immigrants the journey over on a sailing ship was most difficult.
  I have provided family pictures as well as some pictures from Mora County which are special to me. The mountain in the background is part of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.


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