Juanita Metzger Korte

Not much is known about Juanita Metzger de Korte as she was sometimes known.    She is also listed as Maria Juana Metzger. She was the adopted daughter of Fredrick Metzger.    Picture of Juanita Metzger Korte

Her mother was Apolonia Gutierrez one of the first settlers of Mora in 1835.   Gutierrez' first husband was Martin Cordova and is listed as an early pioneer in the Mora area.    In July 29, 1867 she married Henry Korte.   William Kroenig from Watrous, New Mexico was the best man.  It appears the marriage was held at "La Junta de los Rios" so called because the Mora and Sapello rivers meet.
The present day name is Watrous on Interstate Highway I-25, and site of Kroenig's ranch.    It has to be mentioned that Juanita was ten years younger than Henry Korte.   She was the mother of four children: Anna, Charles, Friedrick who died at age 19 and Joe Edward, my grandfather born in 1880.

Picture of Hermit's Peak
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   This picture of Juanita came from an aunt who was told by her mother that this was a picture of her grandmother.   It is important to note a mole in the middle of her forehead.    This is important for identifying the persons in the next picture.    Henry Korte died in January 5, 1885.    Juanita died in November, 1885. Henry Korte as fifty years at the time of his death.    Juantita would have been forty when she died.