Henry Korte

Mora church records provide some very important information on Korte. Korte's father is given as Cristobal Korte and the mother is listed as deceased and his mother's name is either as Eulalia or Ulalia or some varient. Picture of Henry Korte Cristobal is the Spanish version of Cristopher (or Kristopher in German).    It is important to point out that Korte gave his birthplace as Prussia in the 1870 and 1880 United States Census.    Juanita Metzger de Korte gives her father's place or birth as Prussia and her mother's birthplace as New Mexico.    It is estimated that he was born in 1838 or 1839.

View of Mora coming from Ledoux, N.M.
Picture 2. View of Mora coming from Ledoux, N.M. NOTE: Click on the above picture to enlarge.
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   Korte may have come by way of the Port of New Orleans and traveled up the Mississippi River to Herrmann, Missouri where a thriving German community existed.    He was working for William Kroenig in Watrous in Mora County in 1857 having come with Kroenig from Denver.    He worked as a ranch hand and later as foreman for Kroenig.    Kroenig had a merchandizing business on the Santa Fe Trail as well as being a farmer and rancher.    Korte left the employee of Kroenig about 1867.    Friedrich Metzger was in Mora County as early as 1847 where he is listed in the Mexican Census.    He had a store in Mora, New Mexico.
   Korte and Metzger went into business together and in 1873 Metzger sold his share of the business to Henry Korte.  Korte continued to expand his ranching and farming activities. He sold farm produce, beef and likely oats to Fort Union located some 18 miles from Korte's ranch.